Monday, 16 June 2008

Episode 4: Haulfen and Jazz Time!

Show Notes

Cartoon News:

*TFA Episode discussion: SUV: Society of Ultimate Villainy

*Season 1 Boxset up on Preorder
Get your preorders.

Movie News:

*Josh Duhamel and John Turturro Return & Rainn Wilson gets cast for TF2.
The Soldier, The Prefessor, & the Pissed on Agent

*Bethlehem Steel set photos & shooting info
info:The east side of the site is being re-developed so most of the shooting will take place on the west side.
- A new concept car (possible Transformer?) not used in the first movie will be used there
- Two Blackhawk helicopters will be used
- The area will be patrolled by the site security and Bethlehem City Police who will also and close streets for the shoot.
- Update: A car hauler was seen with 2 Saturns and 5 Chinese styled cop cars (unknown make and model) with Chinese lettering on them.
Photos & info

*Pics Of Ironhide & Three Wheeled Vechical arriving to Pennsyvania

*Inside source saids Jazz to Returns for TF2
From TFW2005
Thanks to Tom Collins for letting us know that the Pontiac Solstice vehicle prop of Autobot Jazz arrived on the set of Transformers 2 earlier today. In addition we've received confirmation from a second tipster that Darius McCrary, the voice of Movie Jazz, is now on set as well.

Toy News

*Henkei Powerglide,Silverbolt & Onslaught and are up on Preorder
More Henkeis

Comics News:

*IDW Gets GI Joe License

*Dinobots miniseries coming soon
In an interview with Transformers Hispanos, IDW editor Denton Tipton reveals that there will be an upcoming miniseries focusing on the Dinobots! The comic will be written by Simon Furman with art by Nick Roche.
saw this coming

Videogame News:

*Trademarks for upcoming games
Matrix of Leadership | Revenge of The Fallen | Return of the Decepticons | Revenge of the Decepticons | Return to Cybertron | Revenge of Unicron |

Listener Questions:

Jorgie2222: Well, here is a question that has been bugging me for a while.
Why do people hate Wheelie so much?

Hailstorm: Would you like to see Fem-bots in the upcoming movie or would that make some unnecessary storyline for the film?

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