Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Episode 21: This one goes out for haters

Join Haulfen and Jazz Santi as they talk about transformers and news stories related to transformers. Enjoy!

Show Notes

Season 3 of TFA has been greenlit

Hasbro to Big Lots: "No More KOs"

New Images Of Upcoming Transformers Animated And Universe Toys

UK Comic Animated Sideswipe now "Afterburn"

New Image of Animated Jetfire, Jetstorm & Safeguard

Color Images of Sari, Fanzone & Sumdac from impssible toys

Universe Special Edition Overkill Photos and Bio
"Formerly bound to Soundwave as a partner and slave, Overkill was often overlooked by enemy and ally alike. Recently, however, he has overcome his diminutive size, reinstalling his cerebro-circuitry in a larger, more dangerous body. Now, he is free to indulge his destructive whims, stomping cars flat, snapping tractors trailers in half with his jaws, and being generally terrifying."

Info on Upcoming Sam's Club and Costco Exclusives

New Images of Mickey Mouse Transformer

Transformers The Ride Being Developed For Universal Studios & Bays Thoughts on it.

Concept Art for Soundwave & Ravage


Here's this weeks round of questions. Might wanna split this between 2-3 episodes/weeks lol.

What are some podcasts you listen to?

What is the best comic series of Transformers to date?

When do you think Botcon 09 will be?

Are you going to see TF ROTF in IMAX?

What kind of recording software do you use for the podcast? Do you know of a free one that records all people involved in a Skype conversation in Windows?

oh why isn't nightstalker on many of your podcasts?

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Episode 20: We are TFANONYMUS!! and we have reached 20

Well here we are episode 20, and being the podcast that we are. We do it in the style we love, fucking nuts! Yes so come and listen to our big 2 0 show we got news and questions answered in this one so listen with your ears!

Show Notes
Energon Bruticus Maximus to appear in 25th anniversary

BBTS Pre-Orders for Shadow Commander

Scan Magazine of MP Grimlock, Mickey TF and a bunch of upcoming henkei stuff HAULFEN WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scan 1:
Scan 2:
Release Dates for these
December 2008: Encore 13 Trailbreaker, Encore 14 Hoist, C-12 Cheetas, C-13 Hound
January 2009: D-07 Cyclonus
February 2009: C-14 Ratchet, C-15 Inferno, Mickey Mouse Transformer
March 2009: C-16 Dinobot, C-17 Hot Rod, Alternity Megatron, Masterpiece Grimlock

Animated Christmas Ornimants

Transformers M&M Campaign Revealed

Revenge of The Fallen Teaser Trailer in November

Frank Welker may appear in Revenge of The Fallen

Robert Orci says " Soundwave wont be pick-up truck" and comments on some other tf2 news

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen to premiere in Gemany on June 25 2009

Hasbro answers fan questions:
Cybertron CA:
IDW Publishing:


Do you think Soundwave is the NEST vehicle or a H3 Truck?

Who is the other Chevy concept car not mentioned with a name in your own opinion?

Do you plan to do a roundtable like TFwire did in ep93 to discuss the movie after release? If so can I join in?

What are some of your favorite TF sites still in existence?

What made you guys want to start TF Anonymous?

Would you be willing to guest host on other TF podcasts?

What is your favorite new movie character alt mode seen thus far?

Where would you guess for the location of BOTCON 2009?

Monday, 13 October 2008

Episode 19: And Soundwave is gonna be

Come join Jazz Santi and Haulfen talk about the world of Transformers and it's news

1) Two Preview Pages from Transformers Animated Jetfire & Jetstorm Pack In Comic:

2) UK TFA Comic Character Sideswipe:
line art:
color pics with new villian:

3) New pre-orders of some Animated & Universe toys at BBTS:

4) Encore 13 & 14 Revealed as Hoist & Trailbreaker:

5) TF being advertise on school's milk cartons:

6)M&M's to have ROTF movie tie in candy:

7) Possible ROTF TV SPOT during Academy Awards:

8) Movie Devastator Alt Modes Revealed:

9) Movie Soundwave's Alt Modes revealed:

10) Chevey Beat Character Revealed:

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Fan Talk Episode 1

Once in a lifetime... I mean once a month we bring you Fantalk where we TFAnonymus talk to our listeners and fans of the transformers universe to talk about transformers and the like.

So in this episode JAKEMAN and Jazz Santi lead our merry band of cool peeps to discuss, talk and think about transformers.

The lucky people who joined us were
Shadowcon Maximus
and MadMegas4 for about 3 seconds

Episode 18: The Questions episode

So we have had a glitch with our forum and it seems that we have had a lot of questions. So this episode we focused only on two stories and then went straight into the questions. So here it is join JAKEMAN, Jazz Santi and Haulfen in the special questions episode.

Show Notes
New Animated toys Jetfire and Jetstorm

New animated artwork

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Episode 17: We find out what's in Haulfen Closet

Jakeman not here again, so Haulfen and Jazz Santi do what they do best! ENJOY

1) Universe Special Edition!/HBTS Exclusive figures up for pre-order
Optimus Prime:
Drag Strip:

2) Animated Jetfire & Jetstorm "Entertament Pack" to arrive in november
Transformers Animated Jetfire and Jetstorm Set Description:

* Twin Transformers for twice the fun!
* Figures can combine and transform individually!
* Includes a DVD!

They're brothers in arms! The Autobot forces have never been stronger, and now that Jetfire and Jetstorm are on the team, they can do no wrong! This thrilling set of twin jets features two awesome figures with their own personalities that can, for the big fight, combine and fight! Megatron and his Decepticon army don't stand a chance when Optimus sends these two out on the battlefield.

3) Transformers Collectors Club Magizine #23 info
some more info on it:

4) Alternity Convoy in both Red & Silver

5) New Pics of Henkei Powerglide, Onslaught & Silverbolt

6) Takara Transformers Crossover Disney, Starring Mickey Mouse:

7) Transformers Energon The Ultimate Collection:

8) Transformers Animated Season 2 Boxset:

9) Info on status of TFA Season 3/ Regarding info we've had so far.
Staus Of Season 3:
What Wyatt Thinks:

10) Some Movie/Toy Info on Sideswipe, Devastator, Ravage, Prime & Jetfire