Friday, 13 February 2009

Episode 35: JAKEMAN IS BACK!
Yes I am back on the show again, but haulfen was gone. ENJOY

Hasbro Toy Shop UK Has Ceased to Exist

Hasbro: Fate of Animated To Be Revealed at Toy Fair

ROTF Teaser Game Trailer & Details from Activision
Activision Details:

New ROTF Toy Leaks of The Fallen & Wheelie!!!!
The Fallen:

Listener Question: Paxin
Awhile back during a Hasbro Q&A someone asked if they would ever do Leader class figures in Classics/Universe, and they said more or less that they'll think about it.
Though I'm sure some of us hope they don't do that, for personal financial reasons, if they did end up doing some classics Leader figures, what characters would you like to see done?

A lot of fans want to see a head-master done in the Classics line as well, if they were to do one, which head-master would you want it to be?

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Episode 34: Haulfen Rules over the triple changer
Join Haulfen and Jazz Santi (I was ill sorry I will be on next week's show for reals), as they talk about the trailer and all the news that happened this week.

Show Notes
1 Rumor - Transformers Animated Finished After Season 3

2 Movie Preview Figures In Package + UK Toy Fair Press Release News!

3 Activision Transformers Revenge of the Fallen site reveals Chevy Beat and Trax Robot Modes

4 Superbowl ROTF Trailer Disscusion