Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Episode 17: We find out what's in Haulfen Closet

Jakeman not here again, so Haulfen and Jazz Santi do what they do best! ENJOY

1) Universe Special Edition!/HBTS Exclusive figures up for pre-order
Optimus Prime:
Drag Strip:

2) Animated Jetfire & Jetstorm "Entertament Pack" to arrive in november
Transformers Animated Jetfire and Jetstorm Set Description:

* Twin Transformers for twice the fun!
* Figures can combine and transform individually!
* Includes a DVD!

They're brothers in arms! The Autobot forces have never been stronger, and now that Jetfire and Jetstorm are on the team, they can do no wrong! This thrilling set of twin jets features two awesome figures with their own personalities that can, for the big fight, combine and fight! Megatron and his Decepticon army don't stand a chance when Optimus sends these two out on the battlefield.

3) Transformers Collectors Club Magizine #23 info
some more info on it:

4) Alternity Convoy in both Red & Silver

5) New Pics of Henkei Powerglide, Onslaught & Silverbolt

6) Takara Transformers Crossover Disney, Starring Mickey Mouse:

7) Transformers Energon The Ultimate Collection:

8) Transformers Animated Season 2 Boxset:

9) Info on status of TFA Season 3/ Regarding info we've had so far.
Staus Of Season 3:
What Wyatt Thinks:

10) Some Movie/Toy Info on Sideswipe, Devastator, Ravage, Prime & Jetfire

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