Monday, 13 October 2008

Episode 19: And Soundwave is gonna be

Come join Jazz Santi and Haulfen talk about the world of Transformers and it's news

1) Two Preview Pages from Transformers Animated Jetfire & Jetstorm Pack In Comic:

2) UK TFA Comic Character Sideswipe:
line art:
color pics with new villian:

3) New pre-orders of some Animated & Universe toys at BBTS:

4) Encore 13 & 14 Revealed as Hoist & Trailbreaker:

5) TF being advertise on school's milk cartons:

6)M&M's to have ROTF movie tie in candy:

7) Possible ROTF TV SPOT during Academy Awards:

8) Movie Devastator Alt Modes Revealed:

9) Movie Soundwave's Alt Modes revealed:

10) Chevey Beat Character Revealed:

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