Monday, 16 June 2008

Episode 5: Return of JAKEMAN!

Show Notes

Animated episode discussion: Autobot Camp

Transformers 2 Movie News aka Photos, Videos and 20 robots oh my

*10 Robots on each side this time, one of them Megatron?
*New actors announced Matthew Marsden as a british guy, Aaron Hill as a uni guy, Nina Dobrev as uni girl
*Title of the next film "Revenge of The Fallen"
*New Characters confirmed?
Tons of stuff on here

Toy news
Un-used Concept Classic Soundwave design

New pictures of Ultra Magnus armour
OOO pretty head

New images of legends class G1 Hound and G1 Jazz

Ask Haulfen section

Listner Questions

*A little talk what is happening at the mo with the site and what is happening in the future

*A shout out to Kalel Prime's audio drama auditions

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