Sunday, 29 June 2008

Episode 6: Awesome!

We are back again guys and girls and this time we recorded at a new time. Expect the show to be recorded around Wednesday evening from now on. We have been very busy the last few weeks and haven't been able tpo do sundays. But with that said on with the show!

Show Notes

Transformers Animated Episode Discussion: Sari no one's home, Black Friday

Movie News
* New Cars Spotted
*New clips online
*We see our first transformer sorta

Toy News
*Fan Project show new images of colored Magnus armor plus a loittle sneak look at classic accessories
*Tokyo Toy Show stuff (Transformers Alternity, MP 07 Thundercracker, Henkeis oh my)

Comic News
*We can talk about Reign of Starscream #4 Cover
*Transformers Animated #2 Cover
*Spotlight Sideswpie Preview

What has been happening to the site

Ask Haulfen

We are looking for three music pieces for the show if you would like to take part in this contest please send your entries to
The catergories for the music pieces are
*A intro for the show
*Intro for Ask Haulfen
*Intro for listener Questions

Be as creative as you want, there isn't a set deadline yet so let your creative minds go all over the place.

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