Thursday, 22 January 2009

Episode 32

Join Haulfen and Jazz Santi for another JAKELESS show, enjoy it yall

Show Notes
1) new images of Animated Voyagers Golfire Grimlock & Hydrodive Bumblebee

2) Official Control Art reveal Animated Percepters Alt Modes

3) Don Figueroa retuns to Transformers with ROTF Defiance #3

4)Target DPCIs for ROTF Toyline Revealed
087-06-0111 TF MV2 Deluxe Figures
087-06-0115 TF MV2 Scout Figures
087-06-0119 Transformers MV2 Optimus Prime Helm
087-06-0120 TF MV2 Voyager
087-06-0122 TF MV2 Leader
087-06-0125 TF MV2 Gravity Bots
087-06-0127 Transbattler MV2 FAB
087-06-0128 TF MV2 Robot Replicas
087-06-0131 TF MV2 Robot Hero Scene
087-06-0139 Tran Weapon MV2 Robot Weapons
087-06-0141 Trans Helmet MV2 Helmet Roleplay
087-06-0146 TF MV2 Combiners
087-06-0162 TF MV2 Ultimate Bumblebee
087-06-0163 TF MV2 Power bots
087-06-0164 TF MV2 Mega Power bots
087-06-0171 TF MV2 Legends
087-06-0294 TRA Combiner TF MV2

5) First Toy Image of ROTF Constructicon Steam Shovel

6) First Images of ROTF Audi R8 Deluxe Toy

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