Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Episode 26: Say what?

The trio is back, about half through JAKEMAN decided to turn up so listen as the three podvcasters talk about the transformers!

Show Notes

Toy Stuff
1) Target Exclusives Animated Sunstorm & Animated G1 deco Shockwave

2) New images of Henkei Ratchet

3) Color pics of Masterpiece Grimlock

4) Official Collectors Club Heatwave combiner revealed

5) prototype pics of Alternity Megatron

Fan Custom Stuff
6) New City Commander Custom Add-On Head By SGCollect

7) Prototype Custom Masterpiece-02 Ultra Magnus Trailer

8) custom universe Roadbuster/Dirge pieces & Custom voyager Animated Prime Axe by Natobot

Animated Stuff
9) Images of Transformers Animated Wheeljack & Perceptor

bonus: Animated Tech Specs revealed

Comic Stuff
10) IDW Transformers Animated Arrival #6 preview page

11) Transformers ROTF Alliance #2 Alex Milne cover

12) 10 Dino Days + Maximum Dinobots 5 Page Preveiw

Movie Stuff
13) Movie reshoots & movie trailer rumor

14) Images of ROTF Megatron & Ravage

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