Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Halloween Special

What we thought was a nice present turned out to be something quite ugly.

Show Notes
Images of masterpiece grimmy

offical public images of universe legend figs

New Gallery of Animated Blurr

New images of universe Hotshot and Dinobot;=us&CatID=;=us&CatID=

Thrust and Dirge listings for henkei

All Hail Megatorn artwork I love it when a plan comes together

Revenge of the fallen spoiler talk

Listner Questions
Ultra Magnus
What would you think of a garage kit company liek fansproject doing combiner limbs for Classics Onslaught & Silverbolt?

Do you think the 25th aniversary Starscream will suffer from mold degredation like Jazz_Santi's Henkei Thundercracker?

Which black repaint do you think is the best?

Cybertron AX
Would you like to see a Voager class Combiner? If so who?

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