Monday, 15 September 2008

Episode 15: The wonders that await us

Haulfen and me (Jakeman) talk about the week's news and announce our new feature on the show FANTALK!

Here are the guidelines if you want to join in on fan talk

Skype is the program which most podcasts are recorded on and what we use to converse with our friends and family over the internet forget msn and yahoo chat. You can get Skype over here
It's free don't worry

2. You must have a headset
It's all about quality, and you need a microphone to talk to us anyway. A microphone headset always is better to use as you don't record any outside noises (Pets, doors shutting, family members). Preferably a usb headset would be better as they give a better quality of sound. Some are pretty cheap to get but really you are wanting to get a decent one as some of the ones lower down the price range give out feedback when using them with skype or any recording equipment.

3. Bring a topic/ news item you would like to discuss on the show
Really think about what it is you want to discuss. You might want to think of a number of topics as someone else might get in before you. So just really think about what it is you want all of us to talk about.

4. Be yourself
Don't be shy, we love all our listeners and we really want to hear what you got to say so just be yourself and speak your mind. No one will be on the show to bait and flame anyone, if there were such an occurrence the named individual will be kicked off the fan talk episode and be banned from joining in any future episodes for quite some time.

5. If you are saying you are gonna come on, COME ON!
Jazz and myself can't stress this enough, you remember the old days back on tfwire, people would say they would come and they didn't. So keep to your word!

Show Notes gets new face lift

TF Animated Holloween stuff out in retail
Prime candy bag:
prime & bee costumes:

Simpson to parody Transformers in next holloween special

Encore 12 Metroplex will have new feature

movie news. some potential SPOILERS!

Micheal Bay's house Burgularized

Chevy Trax & Adi R8 Robot modes Revealed?

chevy centeniel concept prototype toy reveals bot mode:

TF2 Legends prototype toys revealed

Devastator confirmed to apear in TF2

more videos of the Icecream truck

Full TF2 trailer to appear in front of.......

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