Sunday, 13 July 2008

Episode 8: Nightstalker and ramblings included

This week we had had our good friend Nightstalker join us in the discussion of all things Transformers. Be warned there is a crazy episode here, here are the things we discussed:

*All Hail Megatron Discussion

*The next up coming spotlight
OO i wonder who it could be

*Thoughts on the resent reviews of upcoming toy
(animated magnus, universe silverbolt,...)

*Tranasformers: The Ark, Volume 2: A Compendium of Japanese Character Designs

Discussion Topic: cybertron is being release on dvd, so not counting the upcoming animated dvd's, that leaves(in north america at least) only rid and energon as the only transformers series not fully released. what is the hold up?

Listener Questions
Rodimus Convoy
Better Autobot Scientist, Wheeljack or Perceptor?

Predaking vs. The Beast (Dinobots Comic combiner) who wins?

TopSpin and TwinTwist, better or worse then the Go-bots?

Did you wear your Optimus Prime Voice-changing Helmet on Halloween ?

Haulfen, did you buy Henkei Thundercracker or not?

Shadowcon Maximus
Have you guys picked up any toys recently not to do with transformers?

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